Centos 7 | Setup Series

by / Monday, 21 July 2014 / Published in Centos 7, Sys Admin

Centos 7 –  Setup Series

The release of Centos 7 on the 7th of July, prompted me to start a series that explains the steps which I take to setup a new box as a web server. This tutorial set will cover just that. We will be covering a lot of topics in this series, hope you enjoy.

The majority of our servers are hosted by Digital Ocean. These guys provide awesome service and their infrastructure is solid as. They provide SSD VPS’s in counties across the world. They are affordable, reliable and provision your server in less than 55 seconds.

As such, my tutorials won’t include the installation of Centos because Digital Ocean takes care of that for me. I will only be discussing the subsequent installation of required packages and configuration of additional services. S

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