Centos 7 | Security Auditing – System Hardening – Part 4

by / Saturday, 26 July 2014 / Published in Centos 7

Today we will be covering how to check the hardening level of your newly created Digital Ocean Centos 7 VPS. Centos 7 Security Auditing software is invaluable to address your security concerns.

This guide will not delve into how to cover the gaps in your system. It will however cover how to install a tool called Lynis which assesses your system and provides valuable data which you could use to plug those holes. All my tutorials assume that you have root access to install the required package.

Step 1: Lets install Lynis

Once you start the audit you are presented with a plethora of data which is very helpful in comparing your system security to the industry standard hardening ratings. This data can be used to address the gaps within your system to make it more secure. The output of the above command will provide something similar to the following, all dependent on how you have setup your server.
The output of this file may not be the be all and end all to system hardening, but in my opinion it is a very useful baseline which can be used to address all the listed shortcomings. This data allows you to fix what you need to in order to harden your system to your requirements.

I hope this has been helpful.