Centos 7 | FTP Setup – Part 3

by / Saturday, 26 July 2014 / Published in Centos 7

How to – Centos 7 FTP Setup and Configuration

All my VPS servers have FTP enabled and without it transfering files to my VPS would be a lot more cumbersome. Don’t get me wrong, I could scp all my files from my iMac to my Digital Ocean VPS if I wanted to, but my editor of choice has a built in FTP service which I use ALL the time, so having FTP setup is very important.

Step 1: List vsftp packages available in YUM

Step 2: Install VSFTPD

 Step 3: Change FTP server banner

Step 4: Set FTP server to start on boot

 Step 5: Change users default home directory

This is an optional setting. I usually do this because I create specific FTP users for each different task that user may perform. In this example I would like to have the user warren land in the html folder because that user will be allowed to only upload /edit and remove  files to the web server’s public folder. Remember to ensure you are logged in as root.

In previous versions of Centos you could just execute the following command BUT;

BUT this command no longer works so we will need to edit the /etc/passwd file to achieve what we need to.

Now when warren logs in via ssh and FTP he will land in the /var/www/html folder.