Today we will be covering how to check the hardening level of your newly created Digital Ocean Centos 7 VPS. Centos 7 Security Auditing software is invaluable to address your security concerns. This guide will not delve into how to cover the gaps in your system. It will however cover how to install a tool

Centos 7 | FTP Setup – Part 3

Saturday, 26 July 2014 by

All my VPS servers have FTP enabled and without it transfering files to my VPS would be a lot more cumbersome. Don’t get me wrong, I could scp all my files from my iMac to my Digital Ocean VPS if I wanted to, but my editor of choice has a built in FTP service which

This is going to be an interesting exercise. I’m doing to be installing this as i write the article so hopefully this won’t become too complicated an article. What is Apache, MySQL and PHP? Apache is a web server application widely used as an application which servers all web content. Its an established application which

Today we will be looking at exactly what is installed on our newly provisioned VPS which Digital Ocean has created for us. We will also be looking at which default users exsist, create a new user and add that user to the sudoers group. Step 1: Login as root & change password

Once a

Centos 7 | Setup Series

Monday, 21 July 2014 by

The release of Centos 7 on the 7th of July, prompted me to start a series that explains the steps which I take to setup a new box as a web server. This tutorial set will cover just that. We will be covering a lot of topics in this series, hope you enjoy. The majority